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 Microscope L301
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Electric Light 1500X Diplopia microscope YAZUMI,
is a full-featured diplopia microscope that able to do enlargement preparations object to 1500x.
Equipped with Micrometers microslide handle 2 axis (x-y) to the movement of the microslide/glass preparations left-right or back and forth. Halogen lamps are used for lighting the light. Very suitable for Biological health departments, hospitals, laboratories, chemical plants and food beverage, the school memiliki lab IPA.
-Electric Microscope Diplopia with maximum magnification 1500x
Objective Lens: 4-4 x, 10 x, 40 x, 100 x
Okuler: Lens 3-5 x, 10 x, 15 x
-Micrometers microslide handles: 2 axis
Lights: Halogen
-Glass Mirror
Wooden Storage boxes and locks and handles
-High quality Premium Immersion Oil (Oil Emersi), to improve the sharpness and brightness of the microscope.
-Can disambun

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