CV. Alkestron Bagusjaya Mandiri

Air Quality Detector 8 in 1 TVOC HCHO PM PM Haze Monitor Tester
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Specification of

Continuous work time:300min
Battery:2000mAh polymer lithium battery
Input voltage:5.0V/1000mA
Charging temp:-10?-45?

Formaldehyde test
Test object: Formaldehyde
Test range: 0-1.999mg/m3
Test tech: semiconductor sensor
Sample type: ciffusion type
Concentration unit: mg/m3

TVOC test
Test object: TVOC
Test range: 0.000-9.999mg/m3
Test tech: semiconductor sensor
Sample type:ciffusion type
Concentration unit:mg/m3
Test time:5 min

PM2.5/PM1.0/PM10 test
Test principle:laser light scattering
Test particle population:2.5um,1.0um,10um
Test particle mass:PM2.5,PM10
Sample time:3 sec
Test method:concentration(per liter)
Test range:0-999ug/m3

Use environment
Air pressure:86Kpa-106Kpa
Relative humidity:20%-85%
Test temp:-10c-45c
Storage temp:-20c-50c

Package Included:
1x tester
1x USB cable
1x user manual

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